I was just floating through this site and came upon this post, which I am placing in my section in order to make sure that I can find it again later. Aha! This blogger has caught my issue. Big time! I am more of an in-person kind of person. I don’t feel like someone online is my friend until after I have met this person in person. Maybe I am just funny that way. Yet I have noticed that so many people claim those whom they have met in person are their friends when these “friends” are, in fact, just clients. I long for a sense of community in a world where everything is aimed at making a buck. Maybe I expect too much because someone who truly was a good friend once told me that we are all monkeys grabbing grapes.

Life in the Boomer Lane


You know the 450 Friends you have on Facebook? The ones who comment on all the photos of the babies and puppies you post? The ones who are wearing out their thumbs liking every thought you share from your daily inspirational calendar? The ones who never seem to forget your birthday? They are a myth.

According to the latest research on friendship, our true friendships are as fleeting as those encountered by your average despot, when the military comes knocking at his door. The finding will have you reassess every time someone says, “I’m here for you,” then jets off to Cancun.

According to getlifeboat.com, 75% of Americans are not truly satisfied with their friendships. Sixteen percent are not confident in their friendships. Four percent have best friends who have turned them in to the police on at least one occasion.

While Gen Xers are the bottom of the barrel…

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